Here is the list of common question that has been asked to us. Click the category to display the list of question related. Click the question to view the answer. If your question is not in the list, please feel free to drop us an email or call us.. Details is HERE. Thank You!!

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  • Do you accept Debit cards?
    Sorry, we do not accept debit cards.

    Do I have to pay a deposit when reserving a rental car?
    For non-promotion service:
    Yes,we required 50% booking payment to secure your booking.

    For promotion service
    No. We require full payment to secure your booking.

    How can I pay for my rental?
    Bimaz Car Rental accepts credit card payment Master & Visa,Paypal,Telegraphic transfer and Company cheque.

    How do you calculate your car rental days?
    We calculated on a 24-hour basis from time of pick-up. To avoid any confusion one day is any period of 24 hours, i.e. 0800 to 0800 the next day or 12 noon to 12 noon is 24 hours or one day’s car rental.

    I want to confirm my car rental with payment, but do not feel safe sending my credit card information to you by email. How can I confirm my car rental with payment?
    You can pay us without exposing your credit card information ,please contact us for more info.

    What is a "1 way rental drop-off fee"?
    A 1 way rental drop-off fee or charge is usually applied if you return the vehicle to a different location from where you picked up the vehicle. This fee is waived if the company allows "one-way drop-offs" at particular locations.

    Can another party pay for my rental?
    No. Third party credit card is not accepted. Only credit card from main hirer is accepted.

  • Do your rates include unlimited milage
    Yes,the rates is inclusive unlimited milage

  • What are your age and licence requirements for renting a car?
    Drivers must be between 21 - 70 years old and in possession of a valid local or international driving licence with qualified driving experience of at least one year.

    What documents must I present upon vehicle pick-up?
    1) Booking reference number / confirmation letter printout 2) I/C or passport 3) Driving license 4) Credit Card as indicated in the booking form

    Do you have office at the airport?
    Our airport office is located just a few minutes from the airport. We are not in terminal but we provide 24 hours free delivery & collection service at the airport.

    Will you send me a voucher confirming my rental?
    Yes. A booking confirmation reference will be emailed to you , which clearly states the type of vehicle reserved, what is and isn't included in the rental, the rate, the address and phone number of the pick-up and drop-off locations and the number of the assigned staff.

  • Can cars be delivered to a specified location?
    Yes. However, delivery fees will be levied depending on the distance of specified locations.

    Can cars be dropped off at another Location?
    Cars can be dropped off at another location. However, a repositioning fee will be levied in accordance with the distance of the location from the initial renting location.Please contact us for 1 Way rental drop off fees. One-way rentals are allowed with a minimum of 5 days rental to the following location only: 1.Sandakan 2.Semporna 3.Lahad datu 4.Tawau 5.Kudat 6.Lawas

    Do you arrange hotel deliveries?
    Yes,we do provide car delivery to the hotel.

    How can i pick up my rental car?
    (Option 1)Our representative who will meet you at the airport -normally carrying a sign with your name on it- and give you directions or bring you to your vehicle at the airport/port etc. (Option 2)A shuttle bus will bring you to our rental station where you can pick up your car. (Option 3) If you have selected to pick up your car at a hotel, your car will be delivered to the hotel..

    Can I extend my rental during the possession of the vehicle?
    Please request for extensions from our staff first. Extension of rentals must be approved by BIMAZ and is subject to vehicle availability.

    Can I return the vehicle earlier?
    Yes. Please notify our staff in advance for early returns. No refunds for unused days.

    What happens if I return the car late?
    Please notify our staff in advance for late returns. You will be charged at 10% of our daily rental rate per hour.

  • What should I do if my car breaks down?
    Kindly call our 24 hour assistance. The telephone number will be furnished upon your taking possession of our vehicle.

    What should be done in case of vehicle breakdown / accident?
    Contact the 24-hour emergency helpline given to you by our staff during vehicle pick-up and the hirer will be given the next course of action.

  • Can I drive the vehicles out of Sabah ?
    Please contact us for approval (*Terms & Condition apply)

    Can anyone other than myself drive the vehicle?
    Only those who have given their details as additional driver/s to our customer service staff prior to the rental are allowed to drive our vehicles.

    Do you offer online promotion?
    We do run promotion from time to time, make sure to check back often(Terms & Condition Apply)

    Are child/baby seats/booster seats available and huw much do they cost?
    Infant ,child and booster seats are available.You must request these in advance.The extra charge for a child seat is MYR20.00 perday.